Our Mission

While other social networking and discovery sites are about faces and photos, PartnerSeek will be a about actually DOING things TOGETHER, and building a "Circle of Trust" in the process.

PartnerSeek is a new take on building personal contacts.

Most social discovery web sites and apps these days are about pretty pictures, age ranges, personal advertising of physical appearance, abilities, wealth and other superficial concerns.

PartnerSeek builds relationships for activities that lets people meet in real life, in person, for a specific activity, initially without concern for the "long term".

As a side-effect, it brings people with similar interest together. And similar interest at one and the same place can be an indicator of a match on other levels. This can develop into a friendship or even a serious relationship.

On a traditional "dating" site, the scope is narrow, it's all about narrowing the selection of potential "dates".

PartnerSeek is about partners, not about dates. For example, a dating site wouldn't match a 65 year old woman from Peru with a 25 year old Japanese man. But wouldn't she make a perfect city guide for her home time, and vice versa?

PartnerSeek will help to solve one of the biggest problems of this century: Loneliness without reason. Fixing loneliness is easier when:

It's not about "friends", it's about partners

Nobody makes genuine new friends online. Relationships develop into friendships (and more) only when real-life meetings take place. An these meetings should involve a common pursuit rather than an activity triggered by superficial attraction (photos etc.). Conversely, there's nothing wrong with meeting for an acivity, then parting ways, perhaps leave some feedback, and be done with it. And then to meet again, maybe.

As sharing economy sites like Airbnb and Uber have shown, partnering up with people can be for a single short-term purpose. This can be expanded to all kinds of activities. It's not friendship. But it's better than lonely pursuits.

It's all about trust

Nothing is more important than trust when it comes to meeting with a partner for real-life activities. Trust is PartnerSeek's primary concern. In recent years, several web projects have tried to improve trust between members:

  • Account verification We don't require clear names for privacy reasons but verified identities will be marked on the sites. Verified members will have a better standing with other members and better chances to be contacted.
  • Two-way connection Only when members have exchanged connect requests, they can start messaging. There will be no spamming your inbox and only members you like by their profile will contact you.
  • Testimonials and feedback After meeting up with a partner, both partners will have the option to leave a testimonial or a short feedback statement. Only if both members leave such feedback it will be published (much like AirBnB's feedback system).

We aim to build a "Circle of Trust" between members that will lead to better, more long lasting connections besides the short-term activity.