Find Partners

Partnerseek - Find Partners, Become Friends℠ is a new concept exchange, bringing together partners for

  • Activities Find partners to go shopping, get advice, go for meals, go clubbing.
  • Sports Find golf partners, tennis partners, dance partners, running partners and partners for any other sports.
  • Getting familiar in a new city Find local "city guides" to show you around a new place where you live or holiday, to show you the shops, service, nightlife. Maybe even pick you up from the airport or go sightseeing.
  • Travel Find travel buddies and trip companions.
  • Hobbies Find partners who share your interest, pursue hobbies together.
  • Business Business is all about networking and who you know. PartnerSeek will provide a forum for businesses seeking partners to expand or improve their operations.
  • Dating While this is a dating-focused site, nothing prevents users from going on dates together. Due to high volume and efficient security settings we can ensure safer and more satifying dating than many others sites.

Security and privacy are our primary concerns:

  • Members will have to be verified to use advanced features and for meeting in private environments if a partner so requests. There will be no fake or abusive accounts.
  • Two-way connections only: Messages can be sent to potential partners only after a "connect requests" have been exchanged by both parties (not unlike some recent dating sites). There will be no spamming your inbox.
  • Testimonials and feedback: After an activity together, partners have the option to leave feedback and testimonials for each other (only if both parters leave a review or testimonial it will be published). Accounts with repeat negative feedback or complaints will be removed.

Circle of Trust

We aim to build a "Circle of Trust" between people through feedback, testimonials and voluntary account verification. Trust is essential to bring people together and we would rather have fewer members and more trust.

Our Mission

Read about our mission to end loneliness